Iris is a space opera inspired by their Woman World Wide tour, says the American festival SXSW, where the film will be screened in competition and for the first time next March.
It will be screened alongside long-awaited films, including Harmony Korine’s crazy Beach Bum (already behind Spring Breakers in 2013). Behind the camera, André Chemetoff, director of photography on the first film of Romain Gavras (himself behind the unforgettable “Stress” clip), and Armand Beraud, special effects director on Mathieu’s Babylon AD Kassovitz.

“It revolves around a floating structure comprised of 13 independent moving frames, each one featuring four rotating panels of LEDs, mirrors and traditional warm lights which offer infinite combinations,” according to the SXSW event description. “The structure is in constant evolution over the duration of the show and proposes several new visual landscapes on every track performed. The footage is captured with the precision and patience of a rigorous documentary about the cosmos.”

Check out the official teaser image for “Iris”


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