Hayao Miyazaki – director, writer, animator, and storyteller doesn’t make many video appearances. Unlike some other directors, he doesn’t always give interviews. Consequently, this is an extraordinary occasion to see him visiting the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka’s Inokashira Park.

You can also see exciting and new content on the channel, including short video clips from inside the Museum itself, which will give you unimaginable enjoyment. You can see that he takes a moment to draw some cute characters. The video also shows Miyazaki and former president of Studio Ghibli – Toshio Suzuki trying out several snacks at the Straw Hat Cafe.

You can see him examining the sign, laughing, and joking. In his special edition, while in a working white apron, he paints new characters in the ecstasy of creativity. All the sketches are so recognizable and close to him. Everything is in Miyazaki style.





Posted by:Somewhere Team