Join the adventure into the creative mind of the artist Yoyo Nasty. The mysterious world of her paintings brings her deep into her consciousness to receive ideas. She come to understand that her creativity is the reflection of herself that let her focus on the inside and not the environment around her. We follow her through different worlds within herself where she can get lost but also find the right place where she finds her inspiration. This short films purpose is to inspire people to open their minds to be able to receive inspiration and self improvement in their creativity.

Artist and illustrator Yoyo Nasty is based in Stockholm and received her MFA from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2019.
Yoyo uses humor and playfulness to create colorful images, often depicting lively figures such as animals and plants. Inspired by the way cartoons convey visual sto- ries and emotion, Yoyo creates a world of her own through her intuition led prac- tice. Recurring motifs in her work are plants, dogs, tigers and 80’s style interiors, all things which she finds decorative and inspiring. Bold colours are combined in unusual ways to strike a perfect harmony. She is passionate about creating a fun and unique experience for the viewer, inviting them to have a personal and enter- taining experience with her work. Her first solo show will take place in 2021 at Vida museum & Konsthall.

Directed by Gustav Stegfors

Featuring: Yoyo Nasty
Produced by: Diktator
DOP: Joel Hördegård
1AC: Rasmus Frostell
3D Animation: Petter Schölander
Laser art: Timothy Wilson
Art installation Johanna Tano
Music: Elias Klenell
Sound design: Anton Ahlberg
VO recording: Isac Hördegård
Colorist: Sabina Törnberg
Subtitles: Joakim Aronsson
Film lab: Focus Film


Posted by:Somewhere Staff