The historic Louvre and Orsay museums in Paris, France have opened their doors to a skateboarding and classical ballet performance as captured in a beautifully-shot film titled MUSEUM. The Orsay museum described the premise of the staged video as “a contemporary love story set in a magical fairy tale Paris and an exclusive journey into empty monuments.”

The film, which was made by the two young French film directors Marin Troude and Tristan Helias, stars a skateboarder who cruises through the streets of Paris and then makes his way to the Louvre. In one shot, he’s seen wall-riding the glass structure of the Louvre, and in another, invading the halls of the institution. On the contrary, the ballerina is shown performing in front of the towering Celestial Sphere sculpture by Baron Haussmann as well as the famed self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh. The pair eventually meet at the end and embrace each other. The three-minute poetic clip is set against a riveting musical score by Max Richter.

“Spectators are carried away by a a carefully orchestrated visual choreography where skateboarding will become for the first time a new form of dance and rise to the rank of modern choreographic art. The union of two bodies in motion or the love encountered between both the stage and the street,” as per statement by Orsay.

Posted by:Somewhere Team