Hello !

It seems that lots of people are struggling with Instagram; and don’t know where to start. In 3 years we’ve managed to become one of the most influential Instagram account in the world of photography. As Instagram users but as publishers as well; we created this course to share with you all our knowledge and to help you understand better IG and get the most of it.

This is a two weeks program :

Here’s the detail of the program 

1/ Why is Instagram so important ?
2/ The most important point of your success
3/ Optimize your account right now !
4/ When and how often to post ?
5/ What you should or you should not post
6/ Hashtags, how to use them
7/ Buys fans, pros and cons
8/ Improve your Instagram presence
9/ How to reach the Explore page
10/ Collaborate with people
11/ Get new followers now ! – Part 1
12/ Get new followers now ! – Part 2
13/ How to get your work shared/featured
14/ Make money on Instagram

Bonus :

  • Guide to stories
  • Apps you should use
  • Accounts that want to share you work
  • From zero to 200k followers (story of how we managed to grow our account)

How will it work ?

For 12€, you will receive one e-mail everyday for 14 days, in which we will share tips/tricks, how to improve your IG acount and get new followers.

You’ll start to receive e-mails monday 16th of April.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

How to subscribe ?

You just have to do pay 12 euros on this link, and you will start to receive our e-mails starting from next monday evening (16th of april)

Inscriptions will be closed monday 16th of April at 8pm

If you have any question; please write us an e-mail hello@somewhere-magazine.com

If you’re interested in personal coaching, please drop as an e-mail.