Netflix has just released a fast-paced teaser trailer for the upcoming second installment of the 2019 breakout hit series The Naked Director.

The story of Japanese Adult Video pioneer Toru Muranishi, played by Takayuki Yamada, continues, and a major focus is placed on Kaoru Kuroki who was regarded as “the first high-profile AV actress” most know for her decision to stop shaving her under-arm hair, as a symbolic protest against Japan’s long-standing censorship of the depiction of pubic hair in print or film. Aside from serving as a gimmick to set her apart from other actresses, the decision was an expression of femininity and identity that matched her polite but frank outspokenness on sexuality.

You can watch the teaser down below and look for Season 2 of The Naked Director to release in the coming months.

Posted by:Staff