British Dj/producer Four Tet just released the music video for his new single “Baby“. The video directed by Joanna Nordahl is a surrealistic ride taking us around the world. She told us more of the project:

“I directed another video last year for Kieran (Four Tet) called Teenage Birdsong that we shot at his magical audio/visual live shows at Alexandra Palace in London. That video featured the very special night out through the eyes of two young women (artists Josiane Pozi & Constance Balaam) as they were attending Four Tet’s big gig, and in the end the two heroines were actually be-winged, with these huge birds wings coming out their backs. As if the night had transformed them. At the time Kieran and I discussed that the ending of that video should be that the young women would literally fly away from the venue, but we couldn’t make it happen then. So I had this idea of making a follow up video in the back of my mind for a while, but wanted to make sure it felt as immersive as the first video.

Kieran played me his amazing Baby track and the tune featured these subtle bird sounds in it, and coincidentally I’d recently seen young Spanish drone pilot Andres Aguilera Morillas work on instagram. He had posted a bird clip, the one that’s in the video, and it completely blew my mind. Somehow the stars had aligned, it was like ”that’s it” and I sent that clip to Kieran and he loved the idea. I reached out to Andres to pitch the concept and get him onboard. We had a great creative vibe and started having these long conversations on how to make a full out music video, what type of shots would be needed, what the style of it should be, how to stay away from it feeling too tech or ”drone:y” etc. Most of the footage was collected by Andres on these incredible journeys – allowing us to showcase many corners of the planet, which of course felt really exciting. He has a really special talent and sensitivity in his flying that I’d never seen before and I feel very lucky that we could collaborate with him on this.

I think the biggest challenge was making sure there was a cinematic, (hopefully) touching/close to the heart feeling to the final video and an immersive quality, because I didn’t want it to feel like “just” a cool collage. It always comes down to a mixture of things; of course the music, great footage but also adding moments in sound design, colours.. emotional editing, smart VFX, making sure the post is approached the right way like in any project. I find that film making is all about intuition and match making the right people, finding a mutual vision, and then trusting that everyone’s skill and passion combined will create something magical.“

Baby is taken from the producer’s upcoming new album Sixteen Oceans, which is due for release in March this year.

Watch it below

Posted by:Somewhere Staff