“Cherry Blossom” is the third single from the long awaited fourth album from the astral wizards of electro-pop Empire of the Sun.

Following on from recent singles “Changes” and “Music On The Radio,” “..this song is about seeing the majesty and beauty that lies before our very eyes. Making sure you don’t lose what is precious by taking it for granted. It’s essentially a love song, “our souls are sewing our fortune”….love is a traveller, it has no expiry date, it moves through the expanse of time, to far off places, through far off times,” Emperor Steele says of the band’s new single “Cherry Blossom.”

“It’s about a feeling of newness and new life and new opportunity to bring goodness. If we change ourselves rather than changing the world, then we do change the world,” explains Lord Littlemore.

Listen here and watch the official video here.

Posted by:Somewhere Staff