Following the news that this year’s edition of the South by Southwest festival has been postponed, Amazon Prime teamed up with SXSW to bring a selection of films to their streaming platform for 10 days starting 27 April, with the list being a mix of documentaries, long-form narrative features, and shorts.

Some titles naturally stood out of course and should be watched for once they premiere on Prime. Some of them are Cursed Films, a new series set to debut later in the year on horror platform Shudder, the latest documentary produced by Reese Witherspoon titled My Darling Vivian, looking into the life of Johnny Cash’s first wife before he met June Carter, and the four children she raised, TFW NO GF, a deep dive into incel culture on Twitter and 4chan, a documentary about an 80s New York trans icon I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, and many more.

Starting next Monday (April 27), all of the titles mentioned above and a lot more will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Posted by:Staff