Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, stated in an interview in The Verge‘s “Decoder” podcast, that he’s not yet satisfied with how Reels, IG’s response to TikTok, has performed since the release of the feature in August.

“We’re growing both in terms of how much people are sharing and how much people are consuming, but we have a long way to go. And we have to be honest that TikTok is ahead,” he says.

Mosseri also says Instagram has worked to better differentiate Reels from TikTok. He references how TikTok’s array of filters and effects have catalyzed viral trends and explains Instagram hopes to build more tools for Reels which are less tied to existing memes and instead “give people who are more creative than us and make content for a living the ability to make something that’s going to pop.”

He also mentioned the challenge of having multiple video formats on the platform (IGTV, Reels, standard in-feed videos) and clued that greater consolidation of the formats and clarity on their applications may be in the future.

Listen to the full interview or read the transcript here.


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