To celebrate Pride Month, Balenciaga has released a new Pride 2021 collection. Balenciaga continues to promote LGBTQIA+ visibility with a new range of apparel featuring baseball caps, hoodies, shirts, waistbands, bras, thongs and jockstraps in a provocative and joyful capsule collection.

The travel-inspired collection in the age of no travel sees the staple tee and hoodies come in two styles. One features varsity-style lettering that spells out “GAY PRIDE BALENCIAGA 2021” while the other includes the emblazoned word “GAY” and a rainbow flag. Each piece offers a straightforward yet simple supporting message for pride. The rainbow flag is highlighted in abundance with the waistband of men and women’s underwear adorned in the colorful flag. Other accessories that feature the rainbow flag include socks, party bracelets and fake fur shoulder strap coin purses.

Additionally, Balenciaga has agreed to donate 15 percent of the sale to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project, founded in 1998, continues on its mission to end LGBTQ youth suicide. It offers various programs including 24/7 prevention and crisis intervention as well as raises awareness and advocate and fight for the LGBTQ community.

“I’m gay. I grew up in a society where I couldn’t have worn that, and there are places in the world that you cannot today. It’s important to push through against homophobia. I’m not someone who goes out in the street and shouts. But this is the political fashion activism I can do.” – Demna Gvalasia, creative director of Balenciaga.

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