Keeping up with the latest hair trends is not always easy. They don’t just change with the seasons, new styles appear with fashion shows and red-carpet events. It’s not even enough to know all the latest styles, you also need to assess which ones are going to suit your face type and skin tone.

Alongside this, you’ll need the right tools to achieve your desired style. That may involve a visit to your hairstylist. It will certainly mean having the latest GHD styling products to hand. 

The Bouncy Look

The bouncy blowout has been around for many years and can be considered a classic. It’s easy to style and is proving to be very popular this fall. Just make sure when you blow dry that you use a heat protection spray.

The Skunk

Stripes running through your hair have always been a popular option, especially for rebellious teenagers. This fall it is a mainstream trend, you’ll simply need your hair coloured in blocks, using light and dark shades to create a look reminiscent of Cruella in 101 Dalmations.


You may be surprised to find that this classic 70s hairstyle is making a comeback. The aim is to create layers in your hair and feather them in, giving it a stylish and classic look. 

Flipping It

Another retro look that is proving a hit this fall is the flipped ends. You’ll need to use a straightener on the ends to get the desired effect and remember to use heat protection spray. It’s surprisingly easy for anyone to get this look. 

The Wolf

Imagine a chop that sits between a shag and a mullet. The end game is to create several layers but ensure the hair has volume and bounce. It looks a little wild and allows you to show your free spirit.

When achieving this look, a little texture finishing spray can help.

Boost the Colour With Ginger

Ginger, fiery red, or even orange hair has become extremely popular in recent months and this trend will definitely continue through the fall. You can match the exact shade to your skin tone and create a look that literally turns heads. It works with virtually any hairstyle. 

Gray Style

Continuing with the colour trend, an increasing number of women are opting for grey hair. Some of these women are naturally grey, others are dying their hair to achieve this distinctive, mature, and stylish look. 

Add Some Highlights

This option can work with almost any hairstyle. Simply run some dye through your hair to create highlights. Caramel is particularly popular this year but you can try a variety of colours to see how they look. 

You can take this up a notch by just highlighting the front section of your hair. Make it lighter than the rest and frame your face. The style dates from the 90s  but it’s going to be big this fall. 

A Classic Bob

The bob never really goes out of fashion. You can choose a short bob, a long one, or even a blunt bob. All will be on trend for the fall and can frame your face perfectly. 

Posted by:Somewhere Staff