The Baxter Street Camera Club of New York is one of the city’s oldest artist-led nonprofit spaces that fosters the development of emerging lens-based artists at pivotal moments of their careers. Throughout its long 136-year history, the organization has spearheaded exhibitions, workspace residency programs, and various discussions. Now, the Camera Club has launched Artists in Focus, which gathered over 75 artists who contributed their work to the charity print sale.

Participating artists worth mentioning include Gillian Laub, Jose Parla, Allen Frame, Pacifico Silano, Justine Kurland, Shikeith, Hannah Whitaker, Clifford Prince King, Eileen Quinian, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Joiri Minaya, Matthew Leifheit, Pixy Liao, and many more. The sale follows Baxter Street Camera Club’s 10-anniversary of its artist-in-residence program.

“The Artists in Focus Fund gives agency to its community to further empower artists with a unique lens of the world during this crucial time and pay it forward to the next generation of lens-based creators,” said Baxter Street in a press statement. The charity print sale will launch on December 26. All works will be available to purchase for $150 a piece on Artist in Focus’ official website.

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