Page NYC is displaying a selection of new paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Zoé Blue M. The artist is known for creating rhinestoned portraits of young female subjects set against intimate environments, merging traditional theater, folklore, fashion, and pop culture influences to create unique and bold characters.

Apart from her cross-cultural background that she continues to shed light on, Blue is also enamored by natural elements which she injects in her surrealist pieces. “Weather plays a central role in Blue’s canvases, from clear blue skies, a heavy downpour, to smoke-filled orange clouds. Mirroring the reality of Los Angeles, fire always seems to be looming, leaving viewers to question whether her tableaus depict scenarios that are on the brink of disaster, or just narrowly avoiding it,” as per a description by Dalya Benor of Page (NYC).

View select paintings by Zoé Blue M below and visit Page (NYC)’s website for more information.

Posted by:Staff