Legendary Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto has teamed up with Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini for his most recent endeavor, speculated to be his biggest to date.

The only info we get is just the two images and a brief press release. The designer and car manufacturer have left the exact nature of their collaboration tantalizingly vague. The first image shows the co-branded Lamborghini badge along with Yamamoto’s signature on top. The other image looks like a custom body wrap for a bespoke automobile and sees a black base splashed with white and red streaks, featuring assorted kanji and katakana characters, like 呵大笑 and 力大笑 (essentially, big and powerful laughter) and ロマンスグレー (literally, “romance grey”).

The collaboration marks Yamamoto’s great love for the four-wheelers. In 2014, Yamamoto reflected on a love of cars in a NOWNESS video, explaining that driving his ’80s Nissan Cedric “is the only moment [when] I can become myself. A car is like a girlfriend. So, it’s nice to just look at her, or ride with her.” The designer explained that his Lamborghini partnership will reflect the “tradition” and “DNA” of both brands, honoring tenets like heritage, passion, craftsmanship, and innovation. Note that this joint effort will not yield a production model; Yamamoto underlines that the resulting vehicle will be a “piece of art.”

The Yohji Yamamoto x Lamborghini collaboration is expected to be unveiled in late October. Stay tuned for more info.

Posted by:Staff