A new trailer to the 4-hour long HBO Max‘s upcoming movie Justice League: The Snyder Cut has arrived. This time, it is an Aquaman version of the trailer, following the Batman-focused one that was recently unveiled.

Jason Momoa returns as half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur, one of an assembly of superheroes Batman gathers in order to protect Earth from “an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions.” Fighting alongside Batman, Aquaman will be joining Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

“I got to say I never really thought it would happen,” director Zack Snyder commented on his experience bringing the movie to life. “We got to the point where, through a lot of hurdles and back and forth, that we’d come to the place where yes, the movie, you’re allowed to finish it and to do it the right way, that was a pretty cathartic and beautiful moment that I shared with my family; it was really an impossible dream come true.”

Check out the Aquaman trailer to Zack Snyder’s Justice League — premiering on HBO Max on March 18.

Posted by:Staff