Another milestone for SpaceX, as its Crew Dragon completes its International Space Station mission launch successfully.

Just days after Crew Dragon became the first commercial crew to be certified by NASA for official space missions, SpaceX and NASA have successfully launched the Falcon 9 rocket and its crew aboard the Dragon spacecraft (Resilience) on SpaceX’s first operational crew mission to the International Space Station (ISS). With a crew comprised of JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi, Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, and Mike Hopkins, this first day sees the beginning of the crew’s six-month-long mission.

You can watch the whole thing below.

Crew Dragon was launched on November 15 at 7:27 p.m. EST. The four astronauts arrived at the rocket in Tesla’s Model X where they could be seen sporting SpaceX’s new spacesuits. It’s expected to dock with the International Space Station at 11:00 p.m EST, November 16.

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