TWRR’s debut album « At Least We Had Fun » will be released in september; to help us wait they just unveiled the music video for the first single « Water Frozen ». The video was shot in the vast lanscapdes of Patagonia by French photographer Ruben Brulat. The lyrics of « Water Frozen » are about loneliness as a choice and made echo to Ruben’s work. « As an evidence, the vast landscapes of Patagonia and ice extent of the Campo de Hielo Sur, are coming to my mind from the first chords of ‘Waterfrozen’. Walking in the extended of Grand Sud and shoot ice, snow, rocks, sometimes days without seeing other men. Along paths gleaned these images, absorbed energy, body and spirit entwined by elements between silence and noise of the internal forces. The contemplation and the steps that lead inexorably toward the horizon. » Did say the Ruben Brulat. Watch the music video below.

via MVOD

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