Following the news of the legendary French duo’s split, an unpublished interview dating from 2007 has resurfaced, detailing how a surprising Coachella offer helped to launch them into the EDM sphere as well as their relationship with Kanye West.

In the interview, Daft Punk revealed how their 2005 album Human After All was considered a large flop due to unfavorable reviews and barely selling 10% of the copies they sold of their 2001 album, Discovery. It was not until they received a six-figure offer to perform at Coachella, that they realized their ambition for the concert stage.

Thomas Bangalter said, “The interesting thing was that Coachella was a big offer financially, and that triggered the ability to bring the show to the next level. We were ready to play again — we’ve never done anything for the money or tried to take economic advantage.” The audience they gained at Coachella subsequently helped launch the start of their tour.

When asked about how the duo felt about Kanye West’s sample of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, the French duo mentioned that they had actually sampled “Harder, Better” seven years prior to West. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo recalls their encounter with West saying, “When we met him, he was a fan as much as we are fans of his work. It was like if we had collaborated him in the studio. He was happy to see that we liked it so much. It’s not a collaboration in the studio, but the vibe of the music we do separately connected in what he did with the song. It’s really great.”

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