For everyone locked down in their homes practicing self isolation, Tame Impala frontman and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker has made a true escapist masterpiece, by updating, re-mixing and re-mastering the entire 57-minute long studio LP The Slow Rush, entitled The Slow Rush in an Imaginary Space.

The idea behind this project stems from wanting to teleport listeners into a new physical place, offering the complete auditory experience as if they where somewhere outside their homes, a venue or a large concert hall, through manipulating the sound with special effects.

“The only purpose for making music was to get lost in it. That sense of escapism is tangible to this day. Without music, I am nothing. I am a shell of a man. I don’t feel like I have much to offer socially.”

You can listen to The Slow Rush in an Imaginary Space below the post, and as advised by Kevin, it’s best to put your headphones on for total immersion.

Posted by:Staff