In partnership with The Criterion Channel, the remastered director’s cut of Solange Knowles’ interdisciplinary performance art film When I Get Home is now available on the platform.

The art film can be watched The Criterion Channel, celebrating both the film and the album’s second anniversary.

WHEN I GET HOME finds multidisciplinary artist Solange Knowles’s deeply introspective vision of a spiritual expedition reckoning with the question “Where is home?” Accompanying her acclaimed 2019 album of the same name, the film taps imagery of her hometown’s (Houston, TX) culture with flights of surrealism spotlighting Black cowboys, space, futurist worlds, and ritualistic movements that characterize evolution as a recurring presence. Solange explores concepts of origin, fear, safety, and reclamation through the power of ancestral roots and the creation of one’s own kaleidoscopic universe. Presented here in Solange’s director’s cut, WHEN I GET HOME is a dazzling immersion into the imagination of an artist whose vision knows no bounds.”

Watch the remastered director’s cut of When I Get Home on The Criterion Channel.

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