Chicago-based artist Sergio Farfán, whose artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions and non-traditional art spaces, launched his latest collection of five unique Evil Twin sculptures at Vertical Gallery-from mixed media paintings and drawings to hand-painted sculptural editions, his cartoon-like figures emphasize the good and bad in every individual.

Each Evil Twin is comprised of disjointed limbs in contrasting colors. Their faces are a mixture of conflicting expressions, further highlighting the artist’s belief in duality.

Balancing a playful style with more serious undertones, Farfán said: “The common factor the characters share is that they reflect the masks we put on to hide our true feelings. Anyone can put on a façade and [look] happy on the outside, but struggle with anxiety and depression on the inside.”

The collection includes sculptural highlights including one wearing red and white Converse sneakers, and the other one being a paint-splattered figure titled Pollock. Each sculpture is 30cm in height and is available for purchase on Vertical Gallery’s website for $825 each.

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