Moncler Genius and Lonon-based designer Craig Green teamed up to release his new collection of shrinkable and expandable outfits.

Green explores the distortion of volume while focusing on a converse between clothing, body, and space. The light modules can be folded, flattened and packed to create shapes that shrink and grow while utilizing down as a featherlight material to create the collection’s parkas, jackets, and trousers without losing their protective qualities.

Heavily influenced by military shapes, Green approaches fastening and straps in a utility-inspired way—the padded hooded uniform-like pieces appear to inflate and create airy effects with zip-ups and branding. Special zippers extract air when closed and new structures create pillow-like hinges which can be folded or condensed.

The 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN is available in military green, black, white, and light gray contrasting orange, yellow, and red in Moncler boutiques and, as well as selective wholesale networks worldwide.

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