“Chantal Anderson is an American photographer and director based in Los Angeles (sun light) by way of the Pacific Northwest (tall trees). Her work spans multiple disciplines— from documentary to fashion to portraiture— with narrative as the common thread. She infuses spontaniety, natural light, and her disicplined eye for composition to make contextualized images that capture subjects in the in-between. Her background in journalism greatly influences her process and enables her to work both in documentary and fine art.”

More of her work on Instagram or on her website.

chantal_anderson_01 chantal_anderson_02 chantal_anderson_03 chantal_anderson_04 chantal_anderson_05 chantal_anderson_06 chantal_anderson_07 chantal_anderson_08 chantal_anderson_09 chantal_anderson_10 chantal_anderson_11 chantal_anderson_12 chantal_anderson_13 chantal_anderson_14 chantal_anderson_15 chantal_anderson_16chantal_anderson_19chantal_anderson_18

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