Following the announcement that the inaugural Paris Photo New York fair is getting canceled, Paris Photo has opened up an Online Viewing Room to support its exhibitors, with over 1,200 photographic works on display, presented by 173 galleries and publishers.

Quote from the organization reads: “Some of the works are a stark reminder of hardships our world has endured in the past, such as Dorothea Lange’s documentation of American life during the Great Depression; while other works, such as Jamel Shabazz’s iconic photographs of crowded New York City subways, remind us of what we miss.”

While there are many legendary names among the participating artists, like Robert Mapplethorpe, Sally Mann, Diane Arbus, and Ming Smith, there are also many contemporary and important ones such as Roe Ethridge, Ari Marcopolous, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Tyler Mitchell.

Go to Paris Photo’s website to see the works or flick through selected ones down below.

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