Netflix reveals this week that it may finally be cracking down on password sharing.

During the third quarter earnings review, the streaming giant discussed canceling its one account sharing option, although it didn’t specifically say how.

This news might be devastating to some, as there’s a chance sharing your account (or someone else’s) with friends might be coming to an end – it’s believed the media company will limit devices signed to one account and/or take a look into IP addresses, so the only ones you could share your password to would be with your household members.
Although they would presumably have perks for consuming the biggest streaming platform nevertheless, Netflix subscribers would no longer get to be generous with sharing their password (a thing users were doing since the start of Netflix), or get piggy-backed by others while binge-watching favorite shows without spending a dime. The reason behind Netflix’s drastic change of terms might be because new competitors are joining the streaming industry.

Check the full Q3 interview below, and see the list for Netflix’s top 10 most-watched movies and TV shows here.

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