Known for their unprecedented projects, Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF took Damien Hirst’s Spot Print and made “Severed Spots”. The end result is now a total of 88 spots cut up from the print sold on their own.

The collective purchased the print for $30,000 and cut up all the spots while the original work remained as just a piece of paper with 88 holes and the artist’s signature. It will go up for auction starting at $126,500.

With “Severed Spots”, MSCHF tried to show an act of protest against investors who buy fractions of expensive artworks. They stated: “We’re getting more overt, at large, about playing this speculative game. The key to runaway art world success is: merchandising! Who wants to make one-offs when the market has so much appetite? But let’s take it a step further — maybe we don’t need more zombie wallworks, we just need to distribute the ones we’ve got!”

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