Here is the LEGO Instant Camera, a functional flash camera built entirely in LEGO! A fun creation created by Alberto, aka Instax Magic, a photographer based in Hong Kong and specialized in the transformation of instant cameras. His LEGO Instant Camera uses traditional Instax films, and can be easily modified thanks to its LEGO structure. An excellent DIY project for fans of photography and LEGO! All the infos are on his website, and you can also follow his work on Instagram .lego-instant-camera-3 lego-instant-camera-13 lego-instant-camera-7 lego-instant-camera-5 lego-instant-camera-10 lego-instant-camera-1 lego-instant-camera-2 lego-instant-camera-4 lego-instant-camera-6 lego-instant-camera-8 lego-instant-camera-9 lego-instant-camera-11 lego-instant-camera-14

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