Petros Koublis is a Greek-born artist, he began his career as a painter and he started photography in 2000.

Twelve years later, Greece is hit by the economic crisis, which then propels the country into a social and political instability. At this moment, tensions are at their higher level, and it is on the outskirts of the city of Athens, that Petro Koublis find a quiet atmosphere which gives him the idea of​​ his series « Landscapes ».
Petros-Koublis_02 Petros-Koublis_03 Petros-Koublis_04 Petros-Koublis_05 Petros-Koublis_06 Petros-Koublis_07 Petros-Koublis_08 Petros-Koublis_09 Petros-Koublis_10 Petros-Koublis_11 Petros-Koublis_13 Petros-Koublis_14 Petros-Koublis_15 Petros-Koublis_16 Petros-Koublis_17

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