The dual exhibition by H.R. Giger and Hajime Sorayama that is currently on display at Shibuya PARCO in Tokyo, has received a dedicated artbook published by KALEIDOSCOPE.

The artbook is co-curated by Alessio Ascari and Shinji Nanzuka and was designed by Swiss-based art studio Kasper-Florio. It features a Venus Lau-writen critical essay as well as the interviews with the two artists. The artworks by Giger and Sorayama co-exist in the book, which puts them one against eachother: Sorayama’s “super-realism” challenges Giger’s surrealism.

Also included in the book are a 50 x 70cm double-sided poster and two 20cm stickers.

KALEIDOSCOPE‘s “GIGER x SORAYAMA” artbook is currently available on KALEIDOSCOPE‘s website for €80 EUR (approximately $90 USD).


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