You can now go on a virtual web tour of Universal Studios Japan’s highly-anticipated amusement park Super Nintendo World.

The expansive theme park is brought to life by its vibrant Super Mario-themed architecture and animated videos of rides in motion. The tour takes you to attractions like Mario Kart: Koopa’s (Bowser’s) Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure, which are part of the first phase of Super Nintendo World. The former features a massive staircase alongside a stone statue of Bowser. There’s also going to be augmented reality, projection mapping, screen projection videos and other special effects integrated into the Mario Kart-themed rides, most of which interact with magnetic Powerup Bands visitors are given upon entering the amusement park.

The wristbands not only enable ride features but also keep scores of park-wide rankings and other points-based systems like coins and stars. Besides Koopa’s (Bowser’s) Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure, the tour walks visitors through a playground, Kinopio’s (Toad’s) Cafe, Pit Stop Popcorn, Yoshi’s Snack Island and the 1-Up Factory gift shop.

The Super Nintendo World amusement park cost Universal Studios Japan over ¥6 billion JPY (roughly $56 million USD) to make. Before its official opening to the public which will take place on February 4, go to the theme park’s dedicated website for the virtual tour.

Posted by:Staff