The mind behind Roden Crater, a work in progress that is essentially a natural cinder cone crater situated outside Flagstaff, Arizona, also the best-known artwork of the American artist ever concerned with Light and Space (art movement related to minimalism, op art, and geometric abstraction), James Turrell is welcomed to Museo Jumex, New Mexico, to present his survey exhibit entitled Passages of Light, through March 29, 2020.

The exhibition develops Turrell’s most important series from his extensive output throughout the years that are still as relevant. Spanning two floors of the museum, visitors are privileged to immerse themselves into limitless carefully controlled installations and further explore the works through quotations that offer poetic insight into the artist’s influences.

Amesha Pentas, one of Turrell’s installations that extend beyond the physical boundaries of a museum or a gallery, is greeted on the first floor. Creating a ganzfeld effect, visitors are absorbed into a color-changing field that completely transforms the space, numbing the perception of depth.

Amesha Pentas
Amesha Pentas

Continuing on the second floor, visitors can encounter prints, photographs, models, and holograms that encompass Turrell’s broad career, as well as installations Squat Blue from the Projection Piece series (1968), and Gathas, the artist’s most recent investigation from the Curved Elliptical Glass series (2019). Lastly, a selection of photographs and models that document Turrell’s ongoing Roden Crater project concludes the exhibition. Passages of Light is on display until March 29, 2020, at Museo Jumex, New Mexico, curated by chief curator Kit Hammonds and curatorial assistant Adriana Kuri Alamillo. See the images down below.

Squat Blue
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