Could you introduce yourself to our readers ? where are you from, Where you live ?

I’m Sam. I’m 23, from Manchester, UK originally but I’m here in NYC for the time being. It just started getting warm so I’m not leaving yet.


Do you remember the first picture you ever took ?

It probably would’ve been a shit one so I’m glad I don’t remember!


Tell us about your journey into photography?

Photography wasn’t really a big part of my life until I was 20. The camera was always there, I just never picked it up. One day I just had the urge and fascination to go out, to meet new people and to take their portraits. I was still shy at the time. But it just went from there and has evolved since.


How would you describe your work and aesthetic?

People say, sensitive, cinematic, that it isn’t “loud”, like I don’t need to scream in the photos to get my attention. I can see that. But I think to me, I always felt my work has been soft, intimate, and genuine.


How much is yourself in your work?

It’s been through various stages, I think it’s always at a state of constant change. At the beginning, I was taking pictures that were purely about the other person. There was no perspective from my part. Then I made it all about me, how I felt, how the music made me feel, how the other person made me feel. Now it changes depending how much I connect with the other person. If we don’t connect, it’s going to be horrible photos.


You’re both doing photography and video, do you see it as the same thing or is it for you two differents mediums?

Completely different. It’s a difficult culture, history, and lineage of influence. You can see a person coming from photography and trying to make a film, or from a filmmaker going into photography. To me, photography is a documentation of my real life while films are my fictional ideas.



You studied Film, and you’re working on a short-film called Masked Paradises could you tell us more about it ?

It’s slated to be filmed this summer in LA with a great collection of talent. People online can hopefully see it by the end of the year.



Is there any photographer / artist, you feel close to and are exchanging with ?

In the beginning, I was taking influence from everywhere. Because that’s what all new photographers do. Right now, I’m really trying to go into uncharted territory, alone. Create original work, dive into my subconscious, and not imitate anymore. I don’t want to be known in 5 years as “the kid who did the same type of photos with that style as 20 other photographers”. But I really enjoy Tamara Lichtenstein’s work.


Who are you favorite filmmakers ? 

Some of my favorite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher. They have consistency of style and storytelling which I love.


What are your hobbies out of photography ?

I love cat pictures on the internet. That’s a hobby right?


As a creative person, What is you your point of you about the whole internet thing ?

I think the internet is an amazing thing for everyone on earth. For creative artists, it allow us to reach people that was never possible before.


One book ? one movie ? One Song ?

I won’t pick of all time, but what I’m feeling at the moment…
book – James Turrell: A Retrospective
movie – Boogie Nights by Paul Thomas Anderson
song – Tame Impala – Let It Happen


How does a typical day of Sam Livm look like?

Everything completely random but during the time of sunset, I’ll be finding the best place to see it.


On a typical saturday night, where can we find you?

I have a girlfriend now, so probably with her getting into some trouble.


How do you see yourself in 10 years ?

I always want to be a better. So hopefully a better person, artist, and friend. I write, today’s road to success is determined by how little time you’ve allowed yourself to be satisfied with the steps you had taken yesterday.

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