We had a talk with Swedish photographer Nina Andersson, you can read our interview below:


Could you tell us of your journey into photography ?

When I was 13 years old I saw the photographer Bettina Rheims series ”Modern lovers” it made me wanna be a photographer.


Do you remember the first picture you ever took ?

The very first was probably of me childhood friend, Linda.


You published with Louise Enhörning two years ago, a book called « Swedish Girls – A tribute », what was the idea behind this project ?

The idea came from Amanda Johansson a dear friend and a stylist. Together we wanted to make a book with girls we thought were interesting/beautilful. There was no other idea behind the project.


You shoot a lot of portraits, mostly women, who are the people in your pictures ?

People who I in one way or the other really wanna shoot. Sometimes I find/meet them on for example Instagram and send them an email and ask if I may take their picture. Often I shoot the same people many times.


How would you define a good photography ?

I have no idea, I don’t think there is such thing as a good photo? Maybe when a photo does not wanna impress in any way.



Who are your favorite photographers

To name a few, Roe Ethridge, ( who is the only photographer I ever assisted in NY. I was not a very good assistent but Roe is great ) Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Arvida Byström who I also have shot many times.


How do you spend your downtime ?

Watching ”Frost” with my children.



What are your favorite website/publications ?

Facebook and Buffalo Zine.


What are you currently working on ?

Just send off a story for Hearts Magazine a new american magazine that will be out this summer. And same as always, shooting (mostly women ) and hopefully a new book about daydreaming.


How do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Daydreaming and 10 years older.

To know more about Nina’s work, check out her website, or follow her on Instagram


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