CUBE PIANO, was created by French artist Cyril Lancelin specifically for HKRI Taikoo Hui.
He has designed a textured monumental immersive artwork where a Piano will be accessible following the original idea Play Me, I am Yours by the artist Luke Jerram.

Black and white stripes symbols of piano keyboards and emerging from the worktop: blue and purple squares, like notes soaring up towards the sky.
CUBE PIANO is a dedication to the huge type of musicians, to the creativity hidden in everyone.

In the inflatable structure similar to an open-air building, beginners or expert pianists, with or without score, alone, in pairs are invited to sit behind the upright piano. In the short-lived auditorium, anonymous consumers are in the spotlight.
The structure is designed as an assembly of windows on the city but also on the newly designed “performance hall”. The exploration of the work will transport the visitor into an imaginary world. The textures by their optical illusions guide the walker in a universe punctuated by the openings and the play of lights.

The music is in the air, it twirls between the curves of the work.
Come and play with your fingertips, with two or four hands: play standing up, sing, dance and clap. And as night falls, the ephemeral musical palace lights up and brightly colors the space.
The sculpture is a Place of life, intangible and artistic exchanges.
In CUBE PIANO, time is suspended, images are textured, and the good memories are engraved.

Posted by:Somewhere Staff