The Guggenheim Museum and German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss have released a limited-edition hoodie with an augmented reality experience, to celebrate the 2020 HUGO BOSS Prize.

The limited-edition unisex hoodie features a graphic of the Guggenheim’s famous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure on a white and grey striped fabric. Once viewed through an Instagram filter, a new design of the famed New York established is revealed, making for an interactive wearing experience.

This year’s winner of the biannual HUGO BOSS Prize is Deana Lawson, following past winners, multimedia artist Anicka Yi (2016) and sculptor Simone Leigh (2018). Lawson is the first artist working with photography to receive the prestigious award since the luxury fashion house established it in 1996. Images below are captured by Lawson, so take a look at the limited-edition hoodies below, as well as how they look through the Instagram filter. You can shop the hoodies coming in an edition of 500 for $208 on Hugo Boss’ website.

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