Despite the coronavirus outbreak causing almost every institution to postpone or cancel their events, following other museums, Barberini has launched a physical-turned-digital retrospective of iconic impressionist painter Claude Monet called “Monet. Places.” The exhibition showcases over 100 landscape paintings and is co-organized by the Denver Art Museum that launched one of the largest exhibitions on Monet last year.

During his many travels he made numerous paintings at the coast of Normandy, the Netherlands or in London and Venice. Not caring much about picturesque landmarks, his interest was mainly focused in the changing light and weather conditions and the different effects they had on these particular places.

He took pleasure in motifs such as parks, gardens, and waterlilies that surrounded him where he lived in Paris, Argenteuil, Vétheuil, and Giverny, using them to further his exploration of light and color.

The museum also presented a digital walkthrough, with the exhibition’s curator Daniel Zamani and art educator Andrea Schmidt.

Claude Monet – Places is on display through June 01, 2020.


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