The youngest artist to appear at last month’s Democratic National Convention, along with Taylor Swift, Finneas, and more, Billie Eilish urged her fans to register to vote on the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as part of the voter registration campaign Just Vote she joined as of recent. She gave a passionate speech against Donald Trump, saying that he “is destroying our country and everything we care about”, pointing to his failures regarding specific issues such as coronavirus and climate change.

Run by Global Citizen and HeadCount – an organization the singer has previously partnered with on a scheme to register voters during her tour dates – the Just Vote campaign aims to get 50,000 young people to register ahead of the November 3 election. The campaign is also offering signed items by the artists that you can potentially win once you register.

Other big names involved in the campaign include Taylor Swift, Billie’s brother Finneas, Billy Porter, and Quavo of Migos.

“Silence is not an option and we cannot sit this one out,” Billie Eilish said, in her speech at the DNC. “We all have to vote like our lives and the world depends on it – because they do. The only way to be certain of our future is to make it ourselves. Please register; please vote.”

Watch her speech in Joe Biden’s tweet below and register to vote, if you haven’t already via Just Vote here.

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