Star of Bethlehem is a newly unveiled artwork by ever-surprising Banksy. The traditional nativity scene is reinterpreted, pointing out the ongoing conflict in the region.

The artwork depicts Mary and Joseph typically gathered around baby Jesus on the floor of a barn, but large concrete walls behind them rise to heights, which represent the walls outside the Walled Off Hotel that separate the area from Israel. The wall is sprayed with graffiti saying “Love” and “Paix” (peace), and higher above are the bullet marks and a large hole in the center, representing a shell explosion in four directions that leaves a large opening, emulating the Star of Bethlehem as it shines onto the family.


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. . Scar of Bethlehem. A modified nativity set for the @walledoffhotel

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The Star of Bethlehem is located inside Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel he built back in 2017—realized as an “all-inclusive vandals resort”—to shed light on the Israel-Palestinian conflict while encouraging tourism and job growth in the area.

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