It has become increasingly hard to choose which streaming service to subscribe to, given the streaming wars (predicted for 2020 to be even more competitive) have birthed quite a few new video-watching platforms. Along with classics like Netflix or Disney+, they may still not be enough to watch all your favorite shows.

Presented during CES 2020, a new streaming box, a touchscreen tablet dubbed Dabby, combines all the best of streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and HBO Go/Max, along with video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify and Vimeo, that is always on and ready for your voice-input commands.

Connectable to TVs via a dongle, the tablet will create a roster that includes all the content available throughout the services for users to pick from, with the freedom to switch between different televisions throughout the house. Along with the filing system, Dabby will also keep track of the status and price of all the user’s subscriptions, providing an exact amount and letting users know how much time they spent on each service. Synchronized streaming is also available for two users with separate Dabby boxes and even has an on-screen video call feature.

If you are big into streaming TV shows, this little AI assistant might be the right New Year purchase. The Dabby is priced at $400 USD and is available now for pre-order, with shipping scheduled to begin in March.

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