A new interactive website that lets you take pictures from space has been launched by Canon.

The website was unveiled at CES 2021, and it’s based around Japanese photography manufacturer’s wine barrel-sized satellite, the CE-SAT-1, which was launched into space back in June of 2017. The satellite carries a PowerShot S110 and an EOS 5D Mark III DSLR fitted with a 40cm Cassegrain-type 3720mm telescope, and the company claims that at an orbit of 375 miles, images come in at around a 36-inch ground resolution inside a 3×2 mile frame.

Once you go to the website, the whole experience is narrated by Marsha Ivins. The narrator explains the uses of the satellite how it was designed and built. You’ll be able to ‘snap photos’ using pre-captured imagery by the CE-SAT-1, zoom across the globe to various locations, and explore more about Canon’s space photography initiative, which it hopes to develop into a full-blown, billion-dollar business by 2030.

Head over to Canon’s website to test the feature.

Posted by:Staff