Currently on display at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, is a momentous collection of works by Yoshimoto Nara titled Mind-Eyes of Nara: The Gaze in Facial-Expressionism. The exhibition of works on paper and acrylic paintings marks the first solo exhibition by the artist in the country. Organized by the General Association of Chinese Culture, the exhibition is also a part of a series of events to help promote friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan.

The exhibition aims to highlight the facial expressions in Nara’s practice, from sunflower-like eyes to microcosmic irises, something the artist has always been fascinated with throughout his career. “In the majority of Nara’s work, I consider the eyes to be the focal point of convergence for the subject’s vivid expression, which holds the essence of the entire painting. The eyes are always pulled drastically apart and positioned to meet its observer at eye-level – they’ve become the focus of the painting,” wrote Huang Chien-Hung, curator at the museum.

Catch Mind-Eyes of Nara: The Gaze in Facial-Expressionism at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan until June 20, 2021. Visit the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts’ website for more information.

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