During the podcast organized by the OTHERtone team, which consists of Pharrell Williams, Fam-Lay and Scott Vener, the hosts were joined by Louis Vuitton‘s Creative Director, Virgil Abloh, and famed contemporary artist, KAWS to hold their first podcast of the year, and have a conversation about leaving legacies.

The artists first discussed their first encounters with one another, dating back to Pharrell and KAWS meeting in Japan in 2004, and then focused more about the present day accomplishments, as well as their individual outlook on the past.

When asked what it was meant to leave a legacy, Abloh spoke of the importance of his tenure at Louis Vuitton, as not just a profession, but as a role model to a younger generation of artists. Abloh answers,

“To me, there’s one level of the work that’s designing at Louis, but my real job is to make sure that there’s, like, six young Black kids that take my job after me. For me, it’s not just to run around and make cool stuff. None of that really feeds my ego. What I would be more impressed by is the next candidate for a house that gets hired as the next head designer has this, like, multidisciplinary background and comes from, you know, not a fashion school and thinks in a different dimension and him get a shot.”

Pharrell chimes in, praising Abloh for understanding and recognizing the greater picture, and that there is a bigger goal ahead of “holding open the door” as opposed to some, who have reached a high level of success and “superglue the door behind them shut,” after having gone through it. Pharrell said, “I love what I’m doing every day, and am way more driven to do this goodwill and get out here and be supportive of these kids, this Black ambition, those are the vehicles that I am really driven by”.

Watch the excerpt from the podcast below and listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts.

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