The house is located on the edge of the slope at the south bank of Buresø. The huge site is covered with big trees and no neighbours are visible.

It is a long narrow house built with a wooden construction and cladded with Douglas pine. The house is divided into a 208 m2 main house and a annex of 30 m2.

The north facade with the lake view is a long glass facade with sliding doors,. The south facade is closed except from the kitchen and livingroom which has a big glazed area, which gives a view through the house and catches the lake view at the arrival.

The site is in focus and the big windows frame the nature beautifully from inside and reflects the trees outside.

Inside skylights are placed sporadically, which gives space for sunbeams, the view of the sky and the treetops. They are placed almost horizontal on the roof, so they are not visible from the outside. The sunbeams give a kaleidoscopic light specific places in the house.The house is heated with geothermal and needs a minimum of energy consumption. ArchDaily_08_01_Buresoe_071_Hi ArchDaily_08_01_Buresoe_038_Hi ArchDaily_08_01_Buresoe_046_Hi ArchDaily_08_01_Buresoe_035_Hi ArchDaily_08_01_Buresoe_004_Hi

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