Tom Morello, Rage Against The Machine’s band member and co-founder, is partnering with Genesis Publications to release his upcoming autobiography titled Whatever It Takes debuting this October. The photo-memoir will span his childhood through his storied career but will come only in 2,000 copies, all hand-signed by Morello, and be priced at $347 USD.

“I dug deep into my garage and photo albums to find pictures that I hadn’t seen in many years,” Morello said. “Some of the photos show history in the making. Some are historically rocking. And some are historically embarrassing. I’m both blessed and cursed to be a guitar player. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. The challenge was to find a way to weave my convictions into my music in a meaningful way.”

The limited-edition autobiography book will include a mixed-media display of candid photographs, handwritten notes, set-lists from early concerts, and detailed looks at Morello’s custom guitars. There will also be an original commentary on his late-start to pursuing a life as a musician, the early formation of Rage Against The Machine, and his activism initiatives.

You can read more about the book on the link above. There will also be a “deluxe version” that will be available for $517 USD offered in a Solander box with chord charts of his Nightwatchman project, which will be titled Little Red Songbook. A 7” vinyl of his “Whatever It Takes” song and a live version of “Vigilante Nocturno” will be included too.

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