Ahead of his Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime performance, The Weeknd has dropped a brand new music video for his After Hours track “Save Your Tear,” continuing the visual narrative set with his previous music videos.

The music video is directed by Weeknd’s frequent collaborator CLIQUA, and takes on an even darker tone with the Canadian artist serving as a lounge singer.

Right of the bat, the viewers’ eyes are set on the singer’s excessive cosmetic enhancements. Throughout his on-stage performance for the music video, The Weeknd makes his way through the audience showing that he’s mentally unraveling. He then proceeds to bring his love interest up on the stage for a dance number, the performance fractures into interpretation after a gun is brought out. Ultimately the music video ends with The Weeknd pulling the trigger on himself only to be met with confetti and applause.

See for yourself below.


Posted by:Staff