One of the most influential and respected American photographers in history, Mary Ellen Mark has lead the photographic medium for over 30 years through her inspiring work in photojournalism, documentary photography, portraiture, and advertising photography. Now, multi-brand e-commerce platform The Salvages has released a brand new collection, paying tribute to her outstanding photography.

The collection of T-shirts feature some of Mark’s most celebrated photographs taken between the ’70s and the 2000s, including probably the most popular portrait of Tiny in her Halloween Costume, a 13-year-old working prostitute on the streets of Seattle in the ’80s. It is part of Mark’s Streetwise Revised series documenting 32 years of Erin Blackwell, the girl from the portrait.

Other images featured in the collection include a moment between two drag queens titled Gay Pride Parade, New York from 1973, a cheeky portraiture of a dog dressed in Minnie Mouse ears from 2014, and again, from the Tiny archive, White Junior and Justin with their Boomboxes, Seattle (c. 1983).

Take a look at the T-shirts below. Each is priced at $85 and is exclusively available online at The Salvages and TOKiON, and in-store at the TOKiON the STORE in Miyashita Park, Tokyo.

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