You can now put on an actual Keanu Reeves outfit from The Matrix, or wear Julia Roberts’ boots from Pretty Woman, or grab a mechanical alien head from Ridley Scott’s Alien if of course, you have money to buy them. The iconic memorabilia from these legendary films will go on sale as part of Prop Store’s annual live auction.

The previously mentioned suit is expected to fetch for $52,000 and $78,000, while the thigh-high heeled boots Julia Roberts wore in 1990’s Pretty Woman, along with the package deal of the crystal ball, autographed photos, and screening and wrap party tickets from 1986’s Labyrinth starring David Bowie are also available for grabs, estimated from $13,000 to $19,000.

Apart from these iconic pieces, 900 other items will also be on sale. Prop Store will be holding a virtual exhibition of the items via their social media next month, with the actual auction taking place between December 1 and 2. Register here.


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