Contemporary art gallery, The Hole, run by Kathy Grayson, located near NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood, is currently displaying a new, sprawling artwork by London-based artist, Matthew Stone. The work depicts a composition of nude subjects in various positions, done in digital print on linen. It is titled Together.

Stone paints directly on a glass panel which is then scanned to develop a three-dimensional paint gesture. Hundreds of these markings are compiled in 3D software programs to create the final result. It is 63 by 118 inches in size and Stone began working on it in 2019, but finished it earlier this year.

The artist said in a statement:  “I did not make the piece with this extraordinary moment in mind and do not feel that it is of more relevance now than before. It is and has been my intention to create images that show people together and at ease with each other. That togetherness is a part of the reality I see around me, but also a part of a vision I hold for a future that is defined by collective healing, which includes my own transformation.”

Take a look at Together by Matthew Stone below and visit The Hole’s website for more.

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