To celebrate human ingenuity and innovation, Swarovski has announced the launch of a collection of colored lab-grown diamonds. It is their attempt at tapping the market of colored lab-grown diamonds, further extending their established white-colored diamond production.

“If you look into the field of mined diamonds, the colors are very, very rare, so we thought we have to celebrate human ingenuity and create a beautiful palette of 16 colors that are also available in the minefield but very, very seldom and very expensive because of the rarity of these diamond colors,” Swarovski executive board member Markus Langes-Swarovski explained to WWD.

There will be four different categories of four styles of 16 color variants of lab-grown diamonds: each category representing a different creative medium—fashion, art, music, and architecture—and led by the main color. The carat measure will be 2.5 for the main color, while the range from 0.25 to 1.5-carats will be available in other hues. According to WWD, the main color names will include Androgyny Flamingo, Heavy Metal Cherry, and Gothic Cognac.

The company believes it could become its own product category with double-digit growth in the future, despite Swarowski’s lab-grown diamond production being a minor part of its crystal business. Swarovski will present its new lab-grown colored diamonds during Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

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